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“We wish we didn’t have tragedy as our teacher. Sometimes we do, and when that happens we must quiet our minds enough to find the lessons in her message.”
Skeletons in My Closet – Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective

Skeletons in My Closet

A Life-Lessons Book Meets Police Memoir Detective Dave Sweet is a conservative, veteran homicide detective whom has teamed up with a liberal, optimistic and creative author to deliver a book like nothing you have read before.

Published in 2018 by Mischievous Books, Skeletons in my Closet – Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective is a gripping and unconventional police memoir that takes readers along on a ride to the darkest corners of society, where poignant truths about life and death, and how we can live together, are revealed. Humour and compassion play as vivid a role as danger and grit in this unique perspective.

Our five year anniversary edition has arrived and can be ordered from here.  Pick up your copy today.


SIMC 2023 2nd Edition

“Skeletons in My Closet offers unique insights into the world of policing in Canada from the perspective of a Canadian homicide detective – at least, that is the thought line, but this book is so much more complex and insightful than just that.”


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Coming Spring 2024!



When we think of the modern hero – the uncommon person, what stands out? Do those who perform optimally do so because they possess something unique that separates them from the rest? Can the secrets to their ability to perform in crisis be learned?

Dave Sweet and Susan Forest team up to answer these questions and more in their upcoming book. Undaunted – Virtues of the Uncommon Person.

Through inspiring stories and extraordinary acts of strength and courage, Undaunted is a ride-a-long into the heights of awesomeness introducing readers to some of the most amazing individuals Dave has met throughout his 24 year career as a homicide Detective.

Release for the Spring 2024

Coming Spring 2024!



Inspired by the bedside chats of a dying loved one who asked, what do you think could happen when I die? Whispers takes on this question from the unique perspectives of both a homicide investigator and supernatural and horror writer.

From the physical process of dying to what waits or does not wait us on the other side, Dave Sweet and Mark Leslie explore death and all its facets. Providing views and thoughts around death from the skeptic to the believer and provide insights on this topic from a variety of sources and stories. Whispers may leave your teeth chattering or your heart at peace, if nothing else it will provide insights and reflections never considered before.

Whispers will be available in the Fall of 2024.