What happens to us when we die?

Whispers takes participants through an experience like no other to try and come up with an answer to this question. From the physical to the metaphysical Dave explores the topic of death from many angles – leaving audiences to ponder what death could all be about?

Whispers is not for the faint of heart. 

18+ audience

2.5 hours



Having a Halloween party and looking for something different?

The Macabre  is the perfect presentation for the true crime enthusiast interested in all things bizarre in the world of crime.

From critters and creepy dolls to werewolves and witches, this presentation will leave you sleeping with the lights on.

18+ audience

2.5 hours



Valentines day will never be the same.

Originally created to celebrate Valentines Day a true crime, creepy, steamy, kinda way.

Stalkers, fetishes and the perils of on-line dating are all important topics covered during this unique  take on sex, love and relationships.  This presentation ends with an important and provocative message about what love is and what love actually is not.

18+ audience

1.5 hours


Learn firsthand what life is like for a homicide investigator.

Backstage pass is ideal for smaller groups of true crime enthusiasts or book clubs and allows participants to ask questions of Dave guiding the conversation in whatever direction they wish.

You will not be disappointed with “Backstage Pass”.